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ReadyGenerators.com was established to supply the world with the most affordable and most reliable power generators


Choosing to specialise in diesel generators, our technical team has over 30 years of experience and know all about power generators. As we see it, the value our service offers to customers is three part:


Knowledge - We use our knowledge of the diesel generator sector to acquire the best power generators on the market


Skill - We skilfully service and test our diesel generators, to enhance their reliability and ensure they meet the needs of our clients 

Care - We carefully package up and prepare our power generators ready to be shipped to anywhere in the World - so when clients call upon us, they know they can rely on our machines to perform on arrival. 


The new diesel generators we offer for sale are among the most affordable power generators on the market. Clients can dictate the exact specification of these machines - and because we have excellent agreements with supplies it means we can provide these generators at extremely competitive prices


All of our used diesel generators are held on our premises and have been rigorously tested before we offer them for sale. This way we know that we're selling outstanding quality generators.  


See our blog for advice about buying power generators or view the diesel generators we're currently stocking.




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For an affordable and reliable diesel generator promptly call us on +44 (0) 7546 66 83 14 or email Sales@ReadyGenerators.com.



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