Being clear about CIF on our Diesel Generators >>

At we're quite used to sending our power generators to customers all over the World. And, in doing so, we're more than happy to either work with shipping company the customer selects or, if our client wishes, we can appoint a reputable shipping company on your behalf. Either way, we only ask you to pay the actually value of CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight), meaning we'll never ask you to pay us a commission on top. 

As we see it, buying new diesel generators or used diesel generators requires enough expense as it is and we don't want to make this unnecessarily more expensive for our clients. So, our promise to you, when you come to us for Diesel Generators, you will only pay the price for the goods themselves. 
If you're unfamiliar in dealing with shipping companies, then leave it to us. We have a great deal of experience with sending power generators all over the world and we'd love to send you diesel generators hassle free. 

Based in the UK, is a supplier of affordable and reliable diesel generators


"Our power generators range from 7kVA to 3325kVA and are available as open or acoustic gen sets." 


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